The Sims Creator Working on Blockchain-Based Proxi

A story on Bloomberg has details on plans for Proxi, a blockchain-based game in the works at Gallium Studios in partnership with Forte Labs. Gallium was formed by Will Wright, formerly of EA Maxis, where he created The Sims, a game that managed to sell a lot of pixels without the trendy allure of the blockchain. A side note is the story is penned by Clara Molot, not Jason Schreier, so Bloomberg seems to be increasing its focus on games. Word is the game is based on players creating personal memories, and the blockchain will be used to give them ownership of their creations:
Given that users are creating personal memories in the game, Wright thought it was important that there be due ownership. He also tapped the extensive online forums of Sims creators to work alongside the game developers making the objects in Proxi, and wanted to make sure they get paid for their work too.

The idea that Wright is building a game half with the Gallium team and half with the creator community itself, “is actually a really profound idea and it wouldn’t be possible without blockchain,” said Kaiser Hwang, vice president of creativity and community at Forte.