Keyword: A Spider's Thread Released

Keyword: A Spider's Thread is now available on Steam, offering an interactive detective thriller for Windows. If you're stressed out from trying to hack into your children's social media to keep them safe, take a relaxing break with this game about trying to hack into your child's social media to keep them safe. But your creepiness is not just virtual, as you will also go all Rear Window, spying on your neighbors through binoculars. There's a playable demo that will only be available until October 7th, which makes it an early entry in the next Steam Next Fest. Here's new trailer and here are some keywords:
In Keyword: A Spider's Thread, you’ll depend on skills of logical deduction, hacking, and social engineering to solve challenging puzzles as the only means of finding your missing daughter.

Play as Guo, a father with a complex past, who must use all the tools at his disposal to find his daughter, Sala. Solve problems as you would in real life, hack into emails and social media, and dive into the dark web to find your daughter’s whereabouts.

Keyword: A Spider's Thread allows players to use binoculars to spy into the homes of neighbors, discover lurking enemies, and look over the city of Toronto to find important clues and put the pieces together.