Get Banana Hell for Free

It's a free game Sunday, as Steam is now offering the opportunity to pick up a copy of Banana Hell completely free (thanks Ant). Playing as a banana-man who peels out through levels collecting crystals and avoiding bruises sounds simple. But this Windows action/platformer from Petriheart is said to include two challenges: it is very difficult, and it is filled with "banana monologues." You can find out yourself for free as it will be yours to keep if you claim a copy by tomorrow at 1:00 pm EDT. Here's word from Bananaman Johnson:
"This is a hard game. I mean... really hard. A rage game, some would say.
And it's about me, a Banana... that's also a man, at the same time I mean -- I'm sorry is this too confusing? This game doesn't make sense, I know.
Ah, I've forgotten to tell you, I'm very annoying, and also don't like you - the player."