The Crew: Orlando Leaks?

A post on Reddit discusses screenshots allegedly datamined from an update for The Crew 2 suggesting new content is coming to the open-world action game. These were posted to Imgur, but they've already been removed. Original poster RacingGameGuru0300 speculates that these are part of "the Orlando project, while it was still a planned DLC." This also talks about an "all star" gamemode that may be a battle royale, but it's not clear where that part originates. The post gets some sort of leaker seal of approval, as Tom Henderson tweets his understanding of what this all represents:
Project ORLANDO by Ubisoft Ivory Tower has leaked on Reddit -

The game is not actually The Crew 2 DLC. It's currently just dubbed as "The Crew: Orlando" and is a completely new game with a new driving engine. Currently in pre-Alpha & no set release date.