August Top Steam Releases

The Steam Blog reports on the top releases of August 2021 on Steam, as usual breaking down both the top-selling premium titles as well as the best-performing free-to-play games. And if these games achieved this level of success without your help, this page has links to where you can make up for lost time and start buying them up. Here's part of the abstract:
Standalone releases draw much deserved attention on our monthly Top Release lists, but a new expansion or DLC release can add just as much excitement to a game from the past. So for this month, we've included a tab for the Top 5 DLC releases of August, based on revenue they generated after launch. Long-time fans of the Age of the Empires franchise were more than excited to get their hands on two brand-new DLC releases this month. It's quite a refreshing surprise when you consider that the series first launched nearly 25 years ago, receiving remasters and definitive editions along the way, and is now creating brand new content for fans of the series.