Embr Leaves Early Access

If you smell something burning, that's because Embr is out of Early Access and is now available for PC via Steam as well as on PlayStation. Xbox, and Switch. This offers the chance to fight fire with fire, water, explosions, and whatever else is handy. The game's madcap multiplayer action is on full display in this trailer. Here are some burning details:
For those taking their first steps into the world of for hire heroism, Embr is a marvellously manic multiplayer game where you and your friends come together to have a go at fighting ferocious fires and rescuing residents - if you consider tossing them out a third-floor window window “rescued”, that is.

Players can take on the game solo or work together in online teams tackling fire after fire to pick up tips from clients, earning the ever-so-crucial 5-star rating in order to collect cash, upgrade tools, and hopefully become the ultimate ‘have-a-go hero’ firefighter.

On top of that, players can also deliver takeout food on the fly with ‘Embr Eats’ and drop off explosive parcels as a ‘Box Box’ delivery expert, all before becoming a DIY safety engineer as a Gaslight Inc employee. In short, it’s the ultimate amateur adventurer experience.