Red Wings: American Aces Announced

All in! Games announces Red Wings: American Aces, an arcade, aerial combat spinoff of Red Wings: Aces of the Sky. This promises online and local multiplayer support when it lands: "Red Wings: American Aces is slated for release on PC and Nintendo Switch and will include online multiplayer modes for up to 10 players as well as local co-op, PvP, and solo modes." An Official Reveal Trailer shows off gameplay, and a Steam Listing is online saying this is "coming soon." Here's the flight plan:
Red Wings: American Aces puts you in the pilot’s seat of a nostalgic, action-packed arcade shooter illustrated in a vibrant comic-book style with a gaming mode for every occasion. Do you believe in the strength of the squadron? Choose a map and game mode and gather your pilots to play in a team of up to five players against other squads in online multiplayer. Prefer flying solo and plucking others out of the sky? Compete with up to nine other pilots and fly to the top of the scoreboard. Local co-op is available for smaller fighter groups of one or two pilots for a more ace-to-ace experience in various customizable game modes, including a campaign mode with 30 missions.