Sheltered 2 Released

"Oooh, a storm is threatening... my very life today!" For another apocalyptic sequel, and Steam now offer Sheltered 2, a "brutal" survival/management sequel for Windows that tasks you with keeping a faction of survivors going by building a shelter and scavenging resources. Here's the Launch Trailer with a look, and here's more on the game and how it differs from its 2016 predecessor:
The resource management sim boasts revamped combat systems, a new 3D art style, and punishing challenges. Sheltered 2 builds upon the original game, bringing new challenges, deeper strategic gameplay, and the perennial threat of extinction to the end of the world. With both internal and external hazards to overcome, the wasteland is a dangerous and unforgiving place to go alone, and as the faction leader, making sure resources are managed, survivors are fed and happy, and relationships with rival factions are maintained will be the key to surviving the punishing world of Sheltered 2.