Halo Infinite Tech Preview Plans

A new novel-length Inside Infinite Newsletter on the Official Halo Website has details on two upcoming Halo Infinite tech preview sessions. The first begins this weekend, and as was recently announced, is open to all who signed up as Insiders last week. The second test is the following weekend. Who is invited to that one is not clear, so if you're interested, maybe it's time to sign up as an Insider to make sure that base is covered. Here's more on the plan:
Our primary goal for these two tech previews will be to test our online services at a larger scale than ever before. To achieve this goal, all Halo Insiders with eligible accounts as of September 13 will be invited to participate. To help focus our population and test our servers even more, matchmaking will be limited to set periods of time each day. You can find out more about those matchmaking windows below. Jumping on during these play sessions will help us prepare our on online services ahead of launch. We will also be expanding our audience ahead of the second weekend, so you and your friends (who may have forgotten to register as Halo Insiders in time) can join us for some Big Team Battle and push the servers even further. Stay tuned for more information on that within the next week.

Our secondary goals for these two previews will be to receive feedback and find additional bugs around the content in the flights. If you spot anything that feels like it’s a bug, please be sure to submit it on the Halo Support site. The “Insider” version of the Support site will go live when the flight does, allowing all invitees to read up on known issues, submit tickets, and more. To collect feedback, we will be standing up forums posts on Waypoint that focus on key areas and sending out surveys to a portion of Halo Insiders. We will also be keeping an eye on out Twitter, r/Halo, YouTube, Twitch, and other places, but we recommend posting your thoughts here on Waypoint. To reiterate, please share your thoughts on the Waypoint forums and only use the Halo Support site to report bugs or technical issues with the game.