Valve's Playing Games While They Download Patent Application

A post on Free Patents Online has the details on a patent application from Valve Corporation that covers a method for allowing gamers to begin playing a game while it is still downloading (thanks ResetEra). The twist here is this will not require any additional programming or changes to individual games. Here's a bit combining legalese with tech jargon for an especially readable experience:
Client machines running game executables of a video game(s) may utilize a file system proxy component that is configured to track read operations made by the game executable during a game session, to generate access data based on the tracked read operations, and to report the access data to a remote system. This telemetry approach allows the remote system to collect access data reported by multiple client machines, to catalogue the access data according to client system configuration, and to analyze the access data to generate data that is usable by client machines to implement various game-related features including, without limitation, “instant play” of video games, discarding of unused blocks of game data to free up local memory resources, and/or local prefetching of game data for reducing latency during gameplay.