On the Save Titanfall Saga

There's an interesting weekend read on IGN which attempts to sort through the complicated saga that intertwines the fates of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, Apex Legends, and the communities for these projects from EA and Respawn (thanks Neutronbeam). It's not an exaggeration to call this complex. It involves hacking, DDoS attacks, conspiracies, attempts to manipulate journalists, and more, so it defies simple summarization. Here's a portion:
Not even a week after the document was posted on SaveTitanfall.com, Upper Echelon Gamers obtained Discord transcripts that appear to show one of the perpetrators of the Apex Legends hack, named Dogecore, in collaborative communication with an author of the document, named Wanty. In the transcript, Dogecore appears to ask Wanty if he'd like him to change the message left on the Apex servers by the hackers to something more specific. These messages were sent on July 4, the same day as the breach, and a month before Red Tape was made public.

"Pointing to SaveTitanfall is a good thing though," replies Wanty, again referring to the calling card left by those who broke into Apex Legends. "We get all the attention in one place."

This disclosure totally disrupted the narrative. If the voices behind Red Tape, a document which aims to lay the tumult in the Titanfall community at the feet of a handful of duplicitous hackers, are also in active partnership with those same hackers then, well… then nobody knows what to believe anymore. Maybe p0 is right. Maybe he did get railroaded.