Dota 2 Dropping Support for 32-bit OSes, DX9, OpenGL, and More

A new post to the Dota Blog discusses The International 2021, saying tickets to the Main Event of this year's big Dota 2 tournament go on sale on September 22nd. The article outlines the efforts attendees will have to go through, which include health precautions, not to mention travelling to Bucharest, Romania. There's a discussion of other things, like improvements to the spectator modes in the game client. Speaking of the game client, this concludes with a discussion of moving the MOBA forward technologically. Valve outlines plans over the coming months to drop support for 32-bit operating systems, macOS below version 10.14, DirectX 9, OpenGL, and XAudio. This sounds dramatic, but Valve says it shouldn't actually affect that many players:
For the vast majority of players, nothing will change when these changes are implemented. Most machines already support any of the newer technologies necessary. In fact, most players are already benefiting from the newer technologies, whether it's via larger content sizes, higher frame rates, better graphical fidelity, or cleaner sounding audio. Removing these older technologies will let us streamline our development efforts as well as use the newer features of these APIs to provide an even better Dota experience.

If you have concerns, your chosen graphics API can be adjusted on the settings panel and the audio system can be changed by the command line options above. We encourage players to switch to the newer APIs if they haven't already, and let us know if problems come up.