Crysis Remastered on Steam

Crysis Remastered is now available on Steam, just one-day shy of the one-year anniversary of the launch of the shooter remake on the Epic Games Store. It carries a launch discount as well as a loyalty bonuses for owners of the original Crysis or Hunt: Showdown. Here's the Official Launch Trailer from back in the day, and here's word:
Crysis Remastered, the remaster of the classic FPS, is now available on Steam for PC. Owners of the original Crysis on Steam can get Crysis Remastered today for 50% off, and owners of Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown can grab an additional discount, as well.

“We’re delighted to bring Crysis Remastered to even more PC fans with the game’s release on Steam,” said Steffen Halbig, Project Lead. “We will also have some exclusive Steam trading cards available, and we look forward to seeing people enjoy the stunning Remastered version of the game!”

Crysis Remastered features the action-packed, single-player, sandbox gameplay from the classic acclaimed shooter, upgraded with remastered graphics, high-quality textures, improved art assets and more. Face down an alien invasion armed with the powerful Nanosuit, which provides super strength, armor, speed and cloaking abilities. Choose your own path as you use a huge arsenal of modular weapons to fight enemies on ever-changing battlefields.