Get Jagged Alliance 1: Gold Edition for Free

There's another gift for everyone for THQ Nordic's 10th anniversary, as you can now pick up Jagged Alliance 1: Gold Edition on Steam for free. If you've been holding out on buying this turn-based strategy classic for Windows, macOS, and Linux since it was first released in 1994, you get the last laugh. You have a week to claim this, and then it's yours to keep. Here's word on this bundle of Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games:
The return of a real classic - for the first time on Steam! 20 years ago, Jagged Alliance made an impact and changed the strategy genre forever. Now you can experience this legend in its glorious original form.

A desperate call for help from the island Metavira: The scientist Jack Richards and his lovely daughter Brenda are reaching out to you. The Fallow trees and thus the precious, medical sap on which countless of lives depend, are under the control of the evil and traitorous Santino. That’s why Jack and Brenda hire you, the commander of a mercenary force, to put an end to Santino's insane plans.