Latest BF2042 Rumors Suggest a Delay

A tweet from professional leaker Tom Henderson continues the intense effort to divine plans for Battlefield 2042 before they are revealed. The latest is speculation that the next installment in the military shooter series is being delayed. Tom disagrees with other rumors of a delay of months, saying he hears it's more like several weeks, and a late November release window "is currently flying around." Tom penned an article on DualShockers with more:
EA’s lack of communication on Battlefield 2042 could be a small indication that the game has been facing some development issues. Both the Beta date and Hazard Zone are still yet to be announced by EA officially and although I would like to think this is down to smart marketing, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

What’s particularly interesting about the Battlefield 2042 delay rumors though, is that the Battlefield 2042 Beta still seems like it’s scheduled for later this month, with an announcement expected to be made soon.