V Rising Gameplay Trailer and Beta Signups

Stunlock Studios offers a new trailer from V Rising, the open-world vampire survival game in development for release on Steam. This features a first look at gameplay, showing off the game's environments, combat, base-building, and more. The company also announces a beta test will get underway later this year, and those interested should sign up here. For more, sink your teeth into these details:
To survive as a vampire, you need to hunt for blood in nearby settlements, hide from the scorching sun and avoid stepping into garlic fields. Build your castle and invite blood-thirsty friends to join as you explore a gothic open-world, pillage villages, raid bandits, and wander into the territories of supernatural beasts.

Attack other players’ castles, or become a diplomat in a game of blood, power, and betrayal. Devise your vampiric playstyle and engage in real-time PvE and PvP combat. Fight your way up the food chain and claim your place as the apex predator of a dark fantasy realm.