Stellaris Gets Free Content and Free Week

Paradox now offers a free Lem content update for Stellaris, celebrating the 100th birthday of sci-fi author Stanisław Lem. Word is the outer-space grand strategy game now includes in-game content directly inspired by his work, created in cooperation with the Polish Science Fiction Foundation. To celebrate the news, the game is free-to-play on Steam, as all the best weekends start on Tuesday. As we've grown to expect, the full game is also on sale, and any free progress will carry over if you buy it. Here are the Patch Notes for the 3.1 Lem Update which include this video with a feature breakdown. Here's more on the update:
“From the works of science fiction authors around the world to revisiting our own past ideas, our inspiration comes from many places, and we continually find new stories we want to tell with Stellaris,” said Daniel Moregård, Game Director for Stellaris. “This patch gave us a unique opportunity, as well: this year marks the 100th birthday of Stanisław Lem, a Polish science fiction writer whose stories have been a fantastic inspiration for the Stellaris team. In addition to some direct references to Lem’s work within the game for observant fans, the Lem update refreshes and renews the content that our fans have enjoyed throughout the history of Stellaris.”

Named for renowned Polish sci-fi writer Stanisław Lem, the Lem Update is the first release from the newly formed Custodians Team within Paradox Development Studio. The Custodians team is focused on creating free content, balance, and updates for Stellaris, improving both the base game as well as previously launched downloadable content.