The Bookwalker Announced

Developer DO MY BEST and itty-bitty publisher tinyBuild announce The Bookwalker, an upcoming action/adventure. In this you play as a thief with the ability to enter the world of books and steal the fictional items therein (hopefully keeping one step ahead of Officer Bookman). As seen in the Announcement Trailer, this involves a switch from a first-person view to an isometric perspective. There's a playtest underway, so you should register on Steam for a chance to join in if you're interested. Here's more:
As a bookwalker, you possess the unique ability to dive into worlds of books as if they were dreams. However, they are not as immaterial as mere fantasies. Bookwalkers can also bring valuable items from a book into the real world, and that is precisely what your job is

Travel between worlds of books in search of legendary items of great power. Even though they are not as powerful in your world, you can still find buyers on the black market.