Assassin's Creed Discovery Tour: Viking Age Next Month

Ubisoft announces that Assassin's Creed Discovery Tour: Viking Age will launch on October 19th, offering the chance to explore some Viking history first-hand using the groundwork of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. This will be a free add-on for Valhalla, but it will also be sold as a standalone release via Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store. The standalone version will come early next year to Stadia, Luna, and consoles. Here's more on how this can be your way to Norway:
Continuing in the footsteps of previous Discovery Tours, the new experience was designed with input from historians and archaeologists, and will transform the game’s world into a nonviolent, educational experience that players can freely explore to learn more about the places, people, and cultures of ninth-century England and Norway. However, Discovery Tour: Viking Age takes a new approach to how players explore history: instead of embarking on guided tours, they will assume the roles of different characters and take on quests, which aim to bring them closer to the material by putting them at the center of it.

While following the narrative and completing the quests’ objectives, Discovery Tour: Viking Age players will have the opportunity to interact with Discovery Sites that each focus on an element of the culture and traditions of Vikings and Anglo-Saxons in the Viking Age. Those Discovery Sites feature images of items from the collections of Discovery Tour’s museum partners, which include the UK’s Hampshire Cultural Trust, Preston Park Museum & Grounds, York Archaeological Trust, and The British Library; France’s Réunion des Musées Nationaux; and the National Museum of Denmark.