Endzone - A World Apart Prosperity Next Month

Prospering is something one does not necessarily expect to achieve following an apocalypse. But that's just the goal of Prosperity, a new expansion for Endzone - A World Apart that's coming on October 21st to the wasteland city builder. Here's a Gameplay Trailer with a look at gameplay. Those hoping for the chance become Fury Road's Immortan Joe, Waterworld's Deacon, or Gary Oldman's what's-his-name from The Book of Eli will be disappointed. In this case prosperity refers to second generation survivors who outdo their neighbors, as the badlands start to emulate the suburbs:
The Prosperity expansion will take the plucky post-apocalyptic wasteland dwellers from struggle-mode to alive‘n’thrivin’ with new materials, buildings, challenges, and new adventures! While their predecessors worked hard to eke out a meager existence in a world that wanted them dead, this new generation finally has a chance to actually enjoy life — whether that means a nice soapy bath or a cold ale.