SYNTHETIK 2 Early Access in November

Flow Fire Games announces November 11th is the new target date to launch SYNTHETIK 2 into Early Access on Steam. This is a delay, as everyone was promised first crack at this would come during this summer. The setback is not acknowledged, and is therefore unexplained. The news is accompanied by a new Story Trailer for the roguelite tactical shooter sequel. Here's a quick pitch:
SYNTHETIK 2 is an unforgiving tactical Shooter Rogue-lite where you must experiment and adapt to defeat the Machine Legion. Experience the next level in gun-play thanks to an all new Tech Framework and Universe Ruleset which adds a new world of possibilities.

Fight the Machine Legion with all new Classes and Specializations. The new threat of powerful Factions, bring their own Technologies and lethal Arsenals.

On top of all this, expect expanded powerful integrated Modding Support, Co-op for up to 4 Players, a new Universe Hub, Overhauled Graphics and much more!