Youtubers Life 2 Next Month

Developer Raiser Games and publisher UPLAY Online announce October 19th is the official launch date for Youtubers Life 2, the upcoming sequel that simulates being a video content creator. A new YouTube Video shows off this game about creating new Youtube videos. And what could be better than being a Youtuber? Well living in a city full of them running around with their selfies sticks reminding everyone to like and subscribe. Here's more on this meta-metropolis:
Following up the multi-million selling original Youtubers Life, the new game opens up its world to its players and lets them step out of the bedroom for the first time to explore ‘NewTube City’.

But this brand new metropolis isn’t just a playground: Its streets will also serve as the player’s connection to the hot new trends they need to be making content about. Players will be able to hunt out the new trends other content creators are unaware of, making the most of their appeal with fresh videos. NewTube City is the key to your Youtuber taking on the world. They’ll even have a cute and customisable drone who follows them around on their adventures, recording videos to serve as content as they go.