Paradox CEO Apologizes for... Something

A series of tweets from Fredrik Wester have comments from the recently returned CEO of Paradox Interactive related to his own history and the recent employee survey that called out "offensive treatment" at the developer/publisher. The tweets are presented as an effort at "transparency and clarity," but unfortunately do not live up to that very well, as they are extremely vague. Eurogamer contacted Paradox for further clarification, but were denied "out of respect for the privacy of the person involved." Here are the tweets, which seem to raise at least as many questions as they answer:

Bbeginning of 2018,we held a company-wide conference, and during this gathering,a Paradox employee was subject to inappropriate behavior from me personally.This was something I immediately and sincerely apologized for in person the following Monday in a process reviewed by HR.

Everyone should have the right to be comfortable and safe, especially around a person in a position of power such as myself, something I stated then and I am stating again now.

It has never been my intention to make anyone uncomfortable around me, but that is still what happened, much to my regret. Following this episode, I have been working with my coach and mentor to understand the impact of my behavior better, and to better myself.

Contrary to what people may suggest, this had nothing to do with me resigning as CEO in 2018, something that had been planned for over 6 months at the time it occurred.

I understand that this makes my cause less credible when it comes to handling these issues internally and will therefore not be involved directly with it, it will be done by HR at Paradox with external help, but of course with my full support if needed.

Again, I sincerely regret making a person in my proximity uncomfortable and for the damage this caused. I will continue to work to not only improve myself but also improve the work environment around both Paradox and the industry as a whole.