Star Trek Games Revived

Celebrating today's 55th anniversary of the debut of Star Trek, now offers a collection of six classic games based on the science fiction series. The list is a little too modern to include Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, but the beloved point-and-click adventure is also available and on sale. It also does not include Armada or Armada II, but both real-time strategy games are said to be "coming soon."
Digital storefront GOG.COM and Activision are celebrating 55 years of Star Trek by bringing some of its most iconic and critically acclaimed video games back and updated to work on modern operating systems.

It’s a perfect opportunity for both devoted Trekkies and new players to discover and enjoy these amazing titles, as every game on this list offers a different experience and the chance to meet some of the most beloved characters. Six classic Star Trek games now available on the GOG.COM store include:

  • Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force – a first-person shooter set onboard the USS Voyager where you must take on some of the most dangerous special missions.
  • Star Trek: Elite Force II – a stunning sequel set on Enterprise-E where you get your orders from Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself!
  • Star Trek: Hidden Evil – a third-person adventure game with both Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner reprising their roles as Captain Picard and Lt. Cmdr. Data.
  • Star Trek: Away Team – an isometric turn-based tactical game influenced by titles like Commandos and the X-Com series.
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Command III – a simulation game with RPG elements where you can customize your starship and lead it into space battles.
  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander – a space combat simulation game that sits you in an actual captain’s chair with a crew waiting for your orders.