Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard Begins; Play Free This Week

Ubisoft announces that Crystal Guard is now underway in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, kicking off Season 3 of Year 6 in the tactical shooter. The new season introduces Croatian operator Osa, the rework of the Bank, Coastline, and Clubhouse maps, and more. For those interested in a firsthand introduction to Osa, Rainbow Six Siege will be free for all to play between September 9-12. Details on the free weekend can be found on this page. Here's more on the new season:
In Crystal Guard, players will discover a brand-new attacker: Osa, equipped with the Talon-8 shield, a deployable transparent shield that she can carry. Osa is armed with a 556xi or a PDW9 as a primary weapon and a PMM as a secondary weapon. In addition to the new operator, players will have access to the reworked maps Coastline, Bank and Clubhouse. These maps had some modifications as closed windows, new alleys, more destructible parts, bomb site placement and more. Also, improvements have been made to the following operators: Finka, Sledge, Glaz, Iana, Twitch, IQ, Mute and Fuze among other updates.

Year 6 Season 3 comes with a brand-new Battle Pass, including 100 tiers and 133 rewards, available until November 23. For the first time, the Battle Pass introduces a new reward: Battle Point Boosters, which are consumables that boost Battle Point gain by 20% when used at any time. The Battle Pass includes a free and a Premium track available for 1200 R6 Credits. Owners of the Premium Battle Pass can play with Osa immediately and progress faster, while other players can unlock her with Renown or R6 Credits starting September 21. New seasonal content including the map reworks and operator updates are available right now for free and for all players.