Paradox Employee Survey Reports "Offensive Treatment"

Amid growing scrutiny of the corporate culture in the field of game development, has a translation of a story from Breakit on the troubling results of an employee survey at Paradox Interactive. The Swedish report on feedback from the staff of the developer/publisher claims that 44% of the 133 employees who responded have experienced "mistreatment" at the company. Just days ago it was announced that Ebba Ljungerud had resigned her post as CEO of Paradox. This was attributed to "differing views on the company's strategy going forward," and there are no visible indications that the leadership change is connected to these survey results. Word is the negative feedback is disproportionately concentrated among the company's female staff and its Swedish locales:
These reports were particularly high at Paradox's Swedish operations, which employ over 400 people.

Of that number, female employees make up 26% of the respondents (around 35 employees) and 69% said they had experienced abusive treatment, compared to 33% among the larger percentage of male staff.

The survey also described a "culture of silence" at the firm, with almost zero employees feeling as though their treatment had been handled appropriately.

"Offensive treatment is a systematic and far too common problem at Paradox," the report concluded.