Out of the Blue

Happy Labor Day is probably something no one has ever said, but today is the annual commemoration of hard work here in the US, so yeah, happy Labor Day. As always, this is best celebrated by not working. It's another celebration for us, as today is a birthday party for the twins, our favorite littles. We first met them and their folks when the Gunnar-man and the she-twin (a true animal whisperer) became best friends through their fence during our walks. The kids were barely one year-old at the time. Exceedingly charming, but tiny and pre-verbal. It's hard to believe they are already turning eight, but that's how it seems to work with kids. They grow up so darned fast.

Obituary: French film great Jean-Paul Belmondo dies at 88.

Laborious Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.