Fredrik Wester Returns as Paradox CEO

Paradox Interactive announces that Ebba Ljungerud has resigned her position as CEO of Paradox Interactive, effective immediately, saying this is "[d]ue to differing views on the company's strategy going forward." Ljungerud took over the post in 2018, succeeding Fredrik Wester. Bringing the news full circle, Wester is now returning to the CEO role. Here's word:
Due to differing views on the company's strategy going forward, Paradox Interactive AB’s (publ) CEO Ebba Ljungerud has decided to leave the CEO position with immediate effect. The Board of Paradox Interactive has appointed Fredrik Wester as CEO with immediate effect. Ebba Ljungerud will stay for a period to ensure a good handover. In connection with Fredrik Wester’s appointment as CEO, he has resigned as Chairman of the Board with immediate effect. The Board has decided to appoint Håkan Sjunnesson, currently Deputy Chairman of the Board, as Chairman of the Board.

  • Ebba has done a fantastic job as CEO of Paradox Interactive. During her leadership the organisation, player base and our game projects have been strengthened and grown which give the company a strong base for future growth. We regret that she has decided to resign but wish her all the best in future endeavours, says Håkan Sjunnesson, Chairman of the Board.