Bum Simulator Released

Early Access to Bum Simulator is now available for Windows on Steam, allowing the chance to live the dream of an indigent life in the city of Bumsville. In case that description isn't clear, this is a throwback to a time when games exercised a little less delicacy about social issues. You can see some bumming around in action in the Launch Trailer which demonstrates this is not exactly steeped in realism. Here's more:
Bum Simulator is a sandbox game bursting with inappropriate humor and memorable characters.

You live on the streets of Bumsville. Do you have what it takes to adapt, survive and become an urban legend?

Apart from day-to-day survival, you can enjoy many unique activities:

  • Weaponize the pigeons
  • Learn the secrets of Alcohol Alchemy
  • Build your own cardboard house
  • Talk with your shopping cart friend
  • Solve the mystery of sewer rat people
  • ...and much more!