Classic Video Game Auction Fraud Allegations

A new video claims to expose "fraud and deception" in the secondary market for classic video games. As has been widely reported, the record auction price for a pre-owned game has recently been broken several times. The clip alleges that this is due to market manipulation and insider dealing at game grading company Wata Games. A post on VGC summarizes the key points. There's a lot to this, here's an example:
Last year, Wata told the New York Times that Wata employees were “not allowed to have games graded by the company or sell those that were”.

“So what you have,” Jobst summarises, “is the president of Wata Games saying that employees are not allowed to grade or sell graded games, but meanwhile a director of the company is grading his entire collection.

“But not just grading it, grading it in a special privileged way by naming it, therefore increasing the value, and immediately selling them through auction houses at insane prices for profit.