Enhanced Quake Released

Well we didn't have to wait long for a payoff on the teasing of a "revitalized" version of Quake. There's background on this release in this article on the PlayStation.Blog. This post on Steam has release notes and a FAQ about a new update to the venerable first-person shooter that adds a bunch of modern touches. These include enhanced graphics with support for higher resolutions, the addition of the two official DLC packs, the full Trent Reznor soundtrack, a new episode, and more. This is all integrated into the version of the game sold on Steam, and if you already own that, then you have the new version at no additional cost. Here's the quick overview:
Quake – the legendary dark fantasy FPS that revolutionized the genre is now enhanced! This new offering features cross-play, dedicated servers for online deathmatch matchmaking, free optional Add-ons, split-screen support for local deathmatch and co-op, AI opponents in deathmatch and more!