Fullbright Cofounder Stepping Back

A tweet from Fullbright announces that company cofounder Steve Gaynor is stepping down from his leadership position. The post is a bit vague, but the reference to "fostering a work environment that his healthy and collaborative" suggests Gaynor's leadership was not conducive to that goal. Polygon digs further, saying Gaynor's "toxic culture tore apart" the studio, and that the change to his new role occurred earlier this year. The piece offers his statement, which says, in part: "My leadership style was hurtful to people that worked at Fullbright, and for that I truly apologize." Here's the official statement from the Open Roads Team:
We are a small team passionate about making an inclusive, poignant, story driven game that gives players a feeling of discovery. We care deeply about creating games that have a positive impact. We're also fervent believers in fostering a work environment that is healthy and collaborative, where we can work with transparency, autonomy, and trust.

As such, Fullbright's co-founder Steve Gaynor has stepped back from his role as creative lead and manager, and transitioned to a role as writer, handing off day-to-day responsibilities to the team to complete Open Roads. We are all excited by how the game is shaping up, and we hope you'll follow along as we continue to share our progress! Open roads team