ActiBlizz CCO Blocking Staff on Twitter

Finding herself in a hole, former Homeland Security Advisor and current Activision Blizzard CCO Frances Townsend continues to dig. After criticism from both inside and outside the company for her response to the Activision Blizzard lawsuit, she offers this tweet. It points to an article on The Atlantic on "the Problem With Whistleblowing." Or, as it's more commonly put, snitches get stitches. This is going down about as well as could be expected, and Jason Schreier points out on Twitter that it has led to the unusual situation of the company officer blocking company employees on Twitter:
Activision Blizzard CCO Fran Townsend, whose recent letter addressing the lawsuit was criticized by employees at the company and even CEO Bobby Kotick, is now under fire for this tweet. Multiple Activision Blizzard employees say Townsend has blocked them on Twitter for responding