Microsoft Flight Simulator Graphics Petition

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch released last week included some PC performance improvements through CPU optimizations among other things. And while there's the promise of improved visuals like ray tracing in a future PC DirectX 12 patch, there are complaints that the PC edition has suffered a visual downgrade in the current version. This petition seeks a restoration of the game's prior look. This is having trouble getting traction because you apparently can't link to such things from the game's official forums. Here's part of that:
Since the SIM Update 5, released 28th of July, Microsoft Flight Simulator has enjoyed better performance in terms of frame rates and smoothness over previous releases. However, the visual fidelity - LOD, lighting, anti-aliasing have all been sacrificed to achieve this. It is far from the same PC game that thrilled me graphically every time I did a flight, no matter where I flew (urban, country, islands, mountains).

Simply, the "WOW" factor is gone from flights. Graphics no longer look realistic, but cartoony and simplified. In my 35+ years of gaming, this is the only time I have experienced a game take a turn for the worse graphically with no options to turn back. On each new software update - features are usually added (ray tracing, screen space reflections, ambient lighting, upsampling technology), but never taken away. Forcing users to have a worse experience I feel is unacceptable.