Halo Infinite Tech Preview Overview

The Halo Website has an overview of the Tech Preview for Halo Infinite that gets underway tomorrow. There's a schedule for when it will run over the weekend, an outline of goals, included content, and more. Here's word on who's getting to participate in testing of the first-person shooter: "And as a reminder, while our plan is to get as many people into the tech preview as we possibly can, not every single Halo Insider will receive an invite. If you don’t get in this time around, don’t despair! We still need to grow the scale of these tests in time on the road to launch, so your opportunities are far from over." This is the intro:
Halo Infinite’s very first tech preview is just around the corner. It’s a moment we’ve been building up to for quite some time – and, we’re thrilled that so many of you are excited to dive in and check out what we’ve been hard at work on. Bearing in mind that the upcoming tech preview is truly a work-in-progress test, we want to make sure that you have all the information on hand so that you know when and what you are playing, where to deliver feedback, and everything in between.