Ubisoft Open Letter

In further fallout of the Activision Blizzard lawsuit mentioned above, Axios reports an open letter from Ubisoft employees says they stand with their Activision Blizzard comrades. This tweet has the letter, which includes criticism of how Ubisoft management has (or has not) responded to the harassment scandal that's embroiled the company for some time now. As Stephen Totilo notes, "Here's the letter in full. It doesn't just stand with AB workers, doesn't just criticize Ubisoft bosses. It calls for industry-wide action and change, with publishers and developers getting involved." Here's how this concludes:

We have stood by and watched as you fired only the most public offenders. You let the rest either resign or worse, promoted them, moved them from studio to studio, team to team, giving them second chance after second chance with no repercussions. This cycle needs to stop. We, the collective employees of Ubisoft, demand a seat at the table when it comes to deciding how to move forward from here. The offenders need to be removed from the company, along with those who were complicit in or willfully ignorant of the actions of others. As the management, it is your role to see these acts going on and take action. Ignorance is not an excuse, not in law and certainly not in the eyes of your employees.

We need real, fundamental changes, within Ubisoft, within ActivisionBlizzard, and across the industry.

To this end, we propose that ActivisionBlizzard, Ubisoft and other industry-leading publishers and developers collaborate and agree to a set of rules and processes for handling reports of these offences. This collaboration must heavily involve employees and non management positions in union representatives. This is essential to ensure that those who are directly affected by these behaviors are leading the change.