A Total War Saga: TROY - MYTHOS Announced

Sega and Creative Assembly announce MYTHOS, an upcoming expansion for A Total War Saga: TROY. This is expected to arrive on Steam, which is the same day the game itself will land on Steam after its exclusive run on the Epic Games Store. Here's the MYTHOS Announcement Trailer and more:
The battle for Troy cannot be waged by man alone. In this big, bold Expansion Pack, recruit monsters and creatures of myth to fight at your side, turning the tide of war on new fantastical battlefields and a refreshed campaign map. Find the Cerberus – a vicious beast guarding the abyss – the Griffin – a winged master of the skies – and the Hydra – a nine-headed serpent spreading poison and madness. Harness their power and experience true myth to decide the fate of Troy once and for all.