June's Top Steam Releases

Valve offers its write-up of June 2021, highlighting the best-selling and most-played games played on Steam during the month. There's a full accounting of the top new titles for the month, as well as the free-to-play games with the highest levels of engagement. Part of the update also dips its toe into the boiling hot waters of the roguelike debate:
Games with 'roguelike' tags showed up in a big way during June, with numerous titles making successful debuts as Top Releases. Like other tags on Steam, players often discuss whether or not games have the elements required of the 'roguelike' tag. With each game providing unique aesthetics and differences in design, it's no wonder there is debate over how they should be tagged. The good news is that the tagging system is flexible in allowing many to be applied, while also letting players create brand new tags. Recent examples include 'traditional roguelike', 'roguelike deckbuilder', and the creative-hybrid 'roguevania'. Check out the full list of June's Top Roguelikes for all the details.