Nexon announces PROJECT MAGNUM, an upcoming third-person looter-shooter in development at subsidiary NAT GAMES for release in "most major markets worldwide." Our hope is that this involves a tropical shirt-clad detective who drives a sports wagon and packs a giant gun and a giant gun while rocking out. But we'll have to wait to find out, as word is: "More information on the release schedule of PROJECT MAGNUM will be announced at a later date." Here's what we know in the meantime:
PROJECT MAGNUM╣ is a PC/console-based game that combines RPG play with third-person shooter combat. It presents beautiful visuals and attractive and unique characters based in a sci-fi-style player vs. environment worldview.

It also provides exciting battles using various skills, actions, and guns, as well as the fun of high-quality PvE shooter battles that target huge bosses.

╣ Working title