Poker Quest Early Access

Poker Quest is now in Early Access on Steam, offering a card-based roguelite for Windows and macOS. While card mechanics are now commonplace in such games, the unusual twist here is the use of playing cards. The game has been undergoing beta testing, and Playsaurus is moving it along to the next stage of development. Here's an Early Access Trailer and here's the deal:
Poker Quest is a new roguelike card battler where you progress through a world full of monsters, using a standard deck of playing cards (like the "Queen of Spades") with magical properties to activate your gear in combat. The game offers a wide variety of playable heroes, each specializing in different strategies that change the way you play.

Choose your hero, and march forward through a diverse, procedurally generated, high-fantasy world. Each of the 15 playable heroes comes with unique gear and abilities, providing many different play styles. In combat, bigger and better hands trigger stronger abilities. Discover hundreds of equips, events, abilities, and monsters.


  • A deep and interesting fantasy world full of Castles, Knights, Wizards, and Dragons. And Playing cards!
  • 15 unique heroes with different play styles. And many more to come!
  • Daily Runs with global stats. See what everyone else did!
  • Challenge runs with game-changing modifiers.
  • Mini-games. Casinos!
  • Hundreds of monsters and thousands of items await you in each run.
  • Choose whether to play with or without permanent upgrades. (“roguelite” vs. “roguelike” modes).