RimWorld - Ideology Released

RimWorld - Ideology is now available on Steam for Windows, macOS, and Linux, offering a new add-on for RimWorld, the colony simulator from Ludeon Studios (which is required). Here's a launch trailer along with some ideological details:
What do you believe? This second expansion for the multi-million selling sci-fi colony simulator RimWorld gives every person in the game a belief system. Play as piratical nudist cannibals, blind undergrounder mole people, charitable ranching cowboys, machine-obsessed transhumanists, and many more.

Belief systems define social roles for leaders, moral guides, and skill specialists. They invoke rituals from gentle festivals to brutal sacrifices. They guide preferences around food, comfort, love, technology, and violence. They venerate specific animals, desire different apparel and tattoos, and give access to different buildings and strategies.

You can build mind-bending temples with colorful drug motifs, terrifying sacrificial altars clad in skulls, winding mazes of underground tunnels full of technology, or beautiful orchards with drifting leaves. You’ll hold unforgettable rituals - sick dance parties with pounding music, bountiful feasts of human flesh, beautiful skylantern festivals, ceremonial blindings, Christmas festivities around the tree, vicious gladiator duels, and more.