Parasight Demo

Steam now offers a playable demo for Parasight, a Windows 2D action/RPG with a souls-like bent. Here's a trailer with some insight into Parasight and a look at its offbeat style. The interesting twist here is that besides being able to defeat your enemies, you can also try to make friends with them:
Parasight is a 2D Action-RPG game with souls-like mechanisms, in Parasight you can choose to play peacefully or aggressively, you can socialize with enemies or fight with them!

The style used in the game is souls-like. You can choose to be a Knight, Wizard, or etc.
Level up, using SOUL EXTRACTS to become stronger in dealing with the enemies.
You can choose between various weapons, armors, rings, and many more!
Your actions will have consequences!
There are many endings in this game, and your actions are determining them.
You have three options to deal with the bosses in the game, fighting, social battle, or battle soul! You can choose to play peacefully or tempestuous.
Explore the vast nevermore Island to find out what happened to the last tyrant king and old settlers. There are also different side stories in the game.