Splitgate Boasts 600K Players; Extends Beta

Developer 1047 Games announces that Splitgate has attracted more than 600,000 players in the week since the free-to-play arena shooter entered open beta. As a result, the beta is being extended, and it sounds like it will run up until the official release of the portal shooter on July 27th. Here's word on what to expect from next week's launch:
Splitgate’s launch on July 27 includes three brand new, visually striking arenas, a new gamemode called Showdown, dozens of new skins, new loadouts and more. The studio recently announced it would be expanding ahead of its flagship game’s launch this summer as it received $6.5 million in funding. The funds will help the team continue to grow and deliver on an aggressive content rollout and update strategy.

With grindable challenges, leaderboards, and over a dozen casual and competitive game modes, Splitgate is a uniquely fast-paced shooter with player-controlled portals, and poised to deliver a remarkable, polished and ultra-fun game for fans around the world.