Tencent Buys Stunlock Studios

These Tencent acquisitions seem to be a dime a dozen. Battlerite developer Stunlock Studios announces that Tencent is now its majority shareholder. Here's word:
Stunlock Studios and Tencent Holdings Ltd. said today they are strengthening their collaboration with a new investment agreement. Under the deal, Tencent becomes Stunlock Studios’ majority shareholder, empowering the studio behind the critically acclaimed game Battlerite, with access to Tencent’s wide experience in the game industry and valuable development tools. At the same time, Stunlock Studios will maintain both its identity and corporate structure. The two companies began their collaboration back in 2016, when launching Battlerite in China. In 2019, Tencent acquired a minority stake in Stunlock Studios. With this new, deepened partnership, Stunlock Studios will continue to develop games independently, while being backed by Tencent’s strategic support.