Out of the Blue

Well, the recent storms have done a little landscaping outside the BlueTower, leaving MrsBlue worrying she may have tapped into some latent psychokinetic abilities. As I've mentioned, our little townhouse is blessed with a lovely view of a pond. Right in the middle of our view, however. is a tall gangly tree (or at least there *was*). When we moved here this was being strangled by vines, which left it partially defoliated and pretty ugly, but still with enough leaves and branches to obscure part of our buena vista. That is, until this weekend, when the tree toppled over into the water. Being right on the edge of the pond likely impeded its root structure, and the heavy rain probably caused enough erosion to uproot it. But as I say, MrsBlue has been spending so much time wishing a disaster would befall the tree that she's jokingly worried she was the cause. At some point in the future if you notice these updates being written by George Clooney you'll know her psychic powers have blossomed fully.

Psychic Round-up
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