Steam Deck Fuels FOMO Fever

Valve's plans to thwart scalpers for its newly announced Steam Deck handhelds appears to have taken a faceplant into the deck. As noted on PC Gamer, preorder reservations for the units are going to exorbitant prices on the scalpers paradise that is eBay. And since there is nothing to order yet, attempting to buy one of these units is going to require degrees of trust and cooperation that are not always common on the internet. Many of the listings are over one thousand US dollars, and we see one listing for a 512 GB unit with an ambitious buy it now price of $5000, despite the indications that the 512 GB models won't arrive for a year. On the other hand, for those who want to compare deck sizes, word is the Steam Deck SSD is upgradeable but doesn't want you to do it.