Sin SBLive! Fix

The Ritual Entertainment page offers a solution for sound problems with Sin using a SoundBlaster Live!. Thanks Tripps. I had the SBLive! problem, and this fixed it for me. Here's the scoop:
THIS JUST IN: Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! Issues can be fixed with the following:

Download the new SBLive! drivers from Creative's Site. They are about 2 weeks old. Make sure Environmental Sound is set to OFF in the Live! control panel. Turn the sound in Sin to Low Quality, Max Compatibility, and 3D Off.

This is apparently the fix that Activision Customer Support is giving people who call in, so it should work great.

There is another fix on Voodoo Extreme from Billy who says the above fix doesn't work for him, but the one he posted (a bit of a kludge, unfortunately), does. Here goes:
On the Live you want to turn off Environmental Sound or turn the Direct Sound acceleration down -- to turn the acceleration down go to your multimedia properties, under playback - advanced properties, kick that acceleration mofo down one notch and try it, if it doesn't work, one more notch until you hit Basic. This probably isn't the fix that you're looking for, but it does work and at least lets you hear stuff (which is a huge plus after not having sound). Also turn off 3D sound in the Sin control panel.