Monolith on Shogo Rumors

There is a report up The Hive with a couple of rumors about Monolith's current projects, the first that they are working on Shogo 2, and the second that Aztech New Media's planned Shogo expansion pack has grown into a full game. I contacted Paul Butterfield at Monolith for a clarification:

Monolith is NOT currently working on Shogo2. We have been fairly open in discussing this with magazines and online sites. The Shogo team has moved on to No One Lives Forever (NOLF) using the LithTech2 engine. Before we announced the development of NOLF and showed the early demo at E3, many people believed that we where working on Shogo2. As you can see this is not the case. Since the NOLF demo we showed at E3 was using [the] LithTech 1.5 engine and we were separately showing LlithTech2 behind closed doors this added to the confusion. Monolith is interested in continuing the Shogo world and is very happy to see the interest from the community on this. However the earliest we *could* start Shogo2 would be next summer/fall when the teams are done with their current projects. We will make that decision at that time.

Next topic is Aztech New Media (GameAgents does some of the deals for Aztech) and the Shogo add-on pack. Aztech was scheduled to develop the official Shogo add-on pack but will not be able to do so. There are no plans for a full product using the Shogo world and LithTech engine developed by Aztech.