Vesper Demo

Developer Cordens Interactive and publisher Deck13 Announce a July 30th release date for Vesper, a puzzle/platformer coming to Windows (it is also a dangerous cocktail invented by Ian Fleming). In the meantime there is a playable demo on Steam. Here's an Official Release Date Trailer along with some details on the game and its inspiration from the past:
Vesper mixes the gameplay of classic 90's atmospheric platformers with newly inspired mechanics. Use the Drive Gun to wield the light in order to overcome obstacles, take control of your enemies and turn them against each other.

The game offers you a variety of different solutions for every encounter, allowing you to hide in the shadows to avoid contact or to engage enemies head-on. Choosing a path that fits your play style is the core design philosophy of Vesper.

The player takes control of Seven, a small android stranded on an eerie planet that long ago was populated by a highly advanced civilization. Debris and wreckage now only hint to the former prosperity of this once wonderful world. The rulers have vanished and a new force claims its dominion. Hostile robots, different in shape and behavior threaten to eradicate any signs of life that don't belong to their network. A dark force is looming over the planet, slowly creeping to swallow it whole. Does Seven have a chance to save their kind?