Epic Gives Developers Free Online Services

The Unreal Engine Website announces that Epic is now offering its anti-cheat software and its cross platform voice chat solution as free giveaways for developers. Here's word on how players will be able to chat with their friends on other platforms after they've been banned for cheating:
When Fortnite players are able to chat with their friends while playing, we see a huge uptick in player engagement. What if you could supercharge community engagement like this for your own game?

Now you can, with the launch of a new free cross-platform voice communication service from Epic Online Services. Voice is a platform-independent solution that connects your community with in-game voice chat across all stores and platforms.

On top of that, Epic Online Services is offering the industry-leading anti-cheat solution to all developers for free. Easy Anti-Cheat is a powerful feature necessary for the smooth running of any online game with players on PC. These services empower developers to launch, operate, and scale great games like never before.